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Show Date: July 10th
Rain Date: July 17th

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    Welcome to
    Vermillion's Got Talent

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While Vermillion Community Theatre is unable to offer our traditional show this year, we've been planning some summer fun. Join us in beautiful Prentis Park this July for an entertaining and safe musical experience for the whole community. We're grateful to have Debbie Proefrock from Farm Bureau Financial Services join us in sponsoring this summer's event.

Information for performers:

This year we are going to break our competition up into two divisions: Under 18 and Over 18. This age division does not include an accompanist. For example, if you are under 18 with an adult accompanist – you would still be under 18. If the group is a mix of adults and kids, then you would qualify for the over 18 division. The top prize for each division will be $500. There will also be a people’s choice non-cash prize. These prize amounts are based on 25 entries. Fewer entries will unfortunately mean smaller prizes (and a shorter show) so we will be working hard to advertise to get 25 entries.

We will start taking applications June 11th and the deadline for applications will be June 25th. The application committee will then have a week to review the applications and the best 25 acts will be chosen and notified by July 2nd – giving you a week to polish your act. Acts will be judged on the ability to entertain. If your act is chosen to perform – a $25 fee will need to be submitted prior to taking the stage.

You will have 3 minutes for your performance. Please make sure you time your act and do not go over.  Any act going over the 3 min max will not be chosen to perform.

There will be 5 judges, each will provide a score from 1-10 for each act.  The top and bottom score will be thrown out leaving a possible 30 points for each act. The audience will also have the chance to pick a winner. They will be picking one, overall winner out of everybody for a non-cash prize.

Keyboard, 6 cordless mics, and the sound booth will have the ability to play background tracks. For those planning to use background tracks, the software we use specifies formats of AIFF, WAV, CAF, AAC, MP4, MP3, with MP3 being a last resort. WAV files are probably the most common. Let us know if you anticipate any issues with format, as we can help convert most types of files if we know about them in advance.


  • We will have a full dress run through on Friday July 9th with the show on Sat July 10th.
  • In case of rain, we will move the show to the following weekend – July 16/17.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide a warm up area – so plan to come warmed up and ready to go.

Vermillion’s Got Talent July 2021
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