During 2009-2010, in partnership with Vermillion High School (VHS), the Vermillion Community Theatre (VCT) fundraised for a two-year strategic plan of technical upgrades to the high school’s theatre. The improvements included:

  • New wired full duplex intercom system enabling the crew to communicate. This system will replace an obsolete and malfunctioning wireless system.
  • Audio cabling infrastructure connecting the orchestra pit to the sound booth and facilitating the hanging of over-head recording microphones above and in front of the stage.
  • Video cabling infrastructure enabling the use of video cameras and monitors for the benefit of those off stage.
  • Wireless microphone equipment affording flexibility for various performances.
  • Additional stage lighting instruments for improved performance lighting and work lighting fixtures to reduce use of performance lights during non-performance times.
The project was led by VCT volunteers with professional expertise in theatre, technology, audio/video systems and broadcast engineering. They included staff from USD’s performing arts department, South Dakota Public Broadcasting and others with significant professional A/V backgrounds. The upgrades were designed, engineered and installed to best practices using all professional-grade products. All VCT work was done pro bono.

The project is durable testimony to the enduring partnership between the Vermillion High School and the Vermillion Community Theatre. These upgrades and new products are intended to remain at the VHS for the benefit of the many groups that use the theatre space.